Van Gogh Museum ends Pokemon promo card giveaway due to “safety and security” concerns

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The Pokemon exhibit at the Van Gogh Museum saw chaos when it first opened at the end of last month.

The chaos was primarily due to the giveaway of a promotional card for those attending, which as online videos have shown, caused mobs of fans to rush in to attempt to get one.

This went beyond just fanatic fans, as scalpers realized the profitable opportunity to get the card, which features Pikachu drawn in reference to Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat, as well as other specialty event items to sell it online for prices in the hundreds.

As a result of this unfortunate event, the museum has now dropped the giveaway due to safety and security concerns relating to their visitors and staff during the Pokemon collaboration event.

This doesn’t mean the cards will no longer be available forever, as there are plans for those shopping online to be able to pick one up at Pokemon Center, as well as it being available in the future with certain retailers in the Netherlands next year.

Given the chaos that ensured earlier at the Van Gogh museum, it’s possible that this may happen again depending on the stock available on such a card. Hopefully those who attempt to pick one up in the Netherlands will be safe.

The Van Gogh Museum’s Pokemon exhibit runs until January 7, 2024.

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