Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni Only Releasing in Japan, Despite Game Director’s Wishes

Valkyrie Drive Bhikkuni 10-02-15-1

It seems like Marvelous’ lesbian-powered action game/series Valkyrie Drive may be too hot for western audiences.

Fans have been anxiously hoping that the series’ PS Vita game, Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni, will get a western release. However, it seems like this isn’t happening, according to series creator and huge boob producer Kenichiro Takaki.

“Currently, localized version will be released is not unfortunately. Only in Japanese version. I want to release…” said Takaki on his Twitter.

It’s unclear what this really means, aside from the game not coming west. You could definitely infer that Takaki simply wishes to release the game worldwide (as he’s previously expressed his wish to wrap the world in happy boobs), but is running into issues getting the localization greenlit.

Marvelous Games, the European publisher for Marvelous Japan, expressed their interest in localizing the game:

“We’d love to too!,” said Marvelous on Twitter when responding to a game pleading for XSEED Games and or Marvelous to localize the game.

It’s also worth mentioning that English trophies for the game were spotted last year.

Would you guys like to see Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni get a worldwide release? Sound off in the comments below!



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