V Rising showcases upcoming features for full release

V Rising

V Rising is getting its 1.0 update in 2024, and the developers want to make sure the game has a stable foundation for the full release.

V Rising has been available for Windows PC via Steam, via early access. In case you missed it – we found the game extremely promising in our thorough video and written preview – which you can find here.

You can view the announcement below:

Stunlock Studios today have published their latest dev blog post for V Rising, providing new insight into some of the many features being worked on ahead of the upcoming launch of the full game, planned for Q2 2024.

While sheltering from the sun’s relentless rays, we’ve been immersed in the arcane art of game development. Today, we’re pulling back the curtain to reveal the intricate web we’ve been weaving for V Rising’s nefarious future. As always, it’s time to find your most lavish silken throne, command your minions to uncork that age-old blood wine cask, and dive deep into the mysterious depths of Stunlock Studios crypt.

If you’re familiar with earlier entries of our Dev Updates, you’re aware that V Rising is built on a still-in-the-works experimental engine, which enables us to achieve technological witchcraft that might seem impossible to many developers. Taking the gamble on this engine has been worthwhile, giving life to the immersive world of Vardoran that you have come to know and love alongside us.

However, with this system came its trade-offs. One significant point was the inability to update the engine we were working on… that is, until now. Deep in our crypts, over the course of many careful steps, we have been upgrading our foundation. With the much more stable and well-supported 1.0 version of the game engine, it’s no coincidence we’re doing it right on time to pursue our own ambition of bringing you V Rising 1.0 in our next major update.

We believe this change will allow us to overcome previous limitations with optimization and pave the way for a smoother game experience. Those of you who have been hoping to indulge the ungodly power of your rigs should finally be able to feel the unspeakable frames-per-second your eyes have gotten so used to.

Furthermore, on the tech sorcery side, we’re also refining our game development tools. This gives us an incredible advantage in testing and iterating on level and gameplay design in a more organized, quick, and efficient way. We hope this will help us speed up future development and bring you more of what you love faster.

The full list of plans for the game’s 1.0 is massive, and you can read it in the official blog post.



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