V Rising – Everything pertaining to Paper, Scrolls, and Schematics

The different tiers of paper are extremely important in V Rising, and here you can find what to do with each one of them.

In V Rising, each tier of paper is tied to a research station, which helps players discover recipes for potions, weapons, armor, and decorations, as well as important floors that boost the productivity of certain refinement and crafting stations.

Tier 1 recipes can be unlocked on the Research Desk for 50 paper each. The Research Desk is simply unlocked by progressing through the main questline, right after blocking your base with the basic palisade walls.

Paper can be found simply by killing enemies around the Farbane Woods area, or it can be crafted after defeating the level 35 V Blood carrier Nicholaus the Fallen. Defeating Nicholaus also unlocks the paper press, which lets the player craft multiple paper tiers instead of having to rely on finding them around the world.

The next tier of paper that players will need are the scrolls, which can be found in the Dunley Farmlands area. The scrolls are used to unlock new blueprints in the study, which is unlocked by defeating the V Blood carrier Maja the Dark Savant.

Players who have defeated Nicholaus can also craft scrolls by mixing coarse thread and paper in the paper press crafting station, but this is only recommended after fully completing the research desk.

The study houses most tier 2 recipes, and requires 75 scrolls for each discovery, although books can be used as a way to choose whatever you want to unlock.

The final tier of paper are the schematics, which can be found by defeating enemies in the Silverlight Hills and Cursed Forest areas of the map.

Schematics are used to unlock tier 3 recipes in the athenaeum, which is unlocked by defeating the V Blood target Henry Blackbrew. Defeating Henry also gives players the ability to craft schematics by using tech scrap and scrolls in the paper press, although it is only recommended to do so after unlocking everything in the study.

Each new discovery in the athenaeum costs 100 schematics, but certain books can also be used to unlock specific items, just like in the other two research stations.

Keeping up with each new item tier is extremely important in V Rising, as the game’s difficulty is constantly increasing substantially, making it so players need to keep their gear level high enough in order to survive the brutal bullet hell mechanics that some bosses have later on.

Keeping your paper press going is the key to not having to constantly farm new paper tiers, and any coins you collect can be used to speed up the process by purchasing books from vendors.

We hope this all-encompassing guide to paper and its tiers has helped you, and that you manage to unlock the armor and weapons you want faster with your newly-acquired knowledge.

V Rising is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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