V Rising – How to get and where to spend Silver Coins

V Rising Silver Coins V Rising How to Get Silver Coins

Silver may be a massive weakness to vampires, but nobody can live without money.

In V Rising, players can either grind out recipes through drops or by building the paper press, but there’s a third method for acquiring knowledge about items.

Players can purchase recipes, seeds, tools, and cosmetics from a shady group of merchants in the Farbane Woods area with Copper Coins. These merchants only sell recipes related to the Research Desk, and don’t move into the next area to sell Study recipes.

Players in the Dunley Farmlands will have to start working smart to purchase Study recipes, and the first step is actually acquiring Silver Coins.

Silver Coins can be found inside chests or other containers around the Dunley Farmlands area. They are also extremely poisonous to vampires, and will deal damage to you while you carry them.

The best way to deal with Silver Coins is to craft a Coin Purse, which can hold the coins safely so they don’t deal damage to you.

Now that you know how to acquire the coins, you also need to know how to spend them. Players can spend their Silver Coins in the Dunley Farmers Market, but they don’t sell to vampires like the shady merchants.

Players will only be able to interact with the Dunley Farmers Market merchants by using the Human Form skill, acquired from defeating the V Blood target Bane the Shadowblade.

It may feel like there’s a long requirement list just to acquire and spend some silver in V Rising, but the commodity of being able to buy what recipes you want is huge, letting the player focus on what they want to unlock.

V Rising is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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