V Rising- Are Helmets Important?

V Rising do helmets matter V Rising to hats matter

Are you missing out on some important stats by not wearing a helmet in V Rising?

Helmets are one of the six different items your vampire can equip. The main sets consist of a chest piece, gloves, pants, and boots.

Cloaks can also be worn, as a way to protect yourself against the sun, but what about helmets?

Well, helmets are purely cosmetic. They add no stats to your character, and only serve as a piece of customization.

Helmets can be found as rare drops from enemies, inside of golden chests, through fishing, or by being purchased from the black market camps spread throughout the game’s map.

At the end of the day, helmets only serve as extra flair to your vampire, and won’t help you in combat.

V Rising is available on Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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