User ridiculed for finding Resident Evil 4 remake death scene “upsetting”

Resident Evil 4 remake

A Twitter user being upset by a game over death scene in the Resident Evil 4 remake DLC “Separate Ways” brought criticism lamenting the softness of modern people.

An individual playing through the “Separate Ways” DLC for the Resident Evil 4 remake expressed dismay over a game over death scene that left Ada decapitated:

Many Twitter users were not at all phased by the overly tame death scene, as the franchise had much more grim death sequences in past games (and even the remake itself):

The Twitter user asserted they are a newcomer to the genre, but even then, many were lamenting the softness of social media users as the scene the user highlighted was not very gruesome in comparison to what has been depicted in past video games.

The individual eventually muted the thread:

Comments directed towards this person:

The Resident Evil 4 remake DLC “Separate Ways” is now available – read our thorough review here!

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