Usada Pekora joins Idol Showdown

Usada Pekora Idol Showdown

Hololive fighting game Idol Showdown welcomes a new fighter, the chaotic rabbit Usada Pekora.

You can view the announcement below:

This is a free unofficial fan-made project, made out of love for hololive, hololive fans, and the fighting game genre.
After 2 long years of hard work, the first complete fan-made Hololive fighting game is here!

Easy Controls: Pick up on this game’s easy-to-learn control scheme in no time to get straight into playing. Even hololive fans who are inexperienced with traditional fighting games can have fun!

Rollback Netcode: Besto Games has been hard at work developing the game’s online rollback netcode to make the online experience as smooth as we can.

Usada Pekora is known as a war criminal in the Hololive fandom due to her love of explosives, which gets highlighted through her gameplay.

Pekora seems to be a zoner character, who plants explosives around the screen to overwhelm the enemy while setting up combos.

Idol Showdown is available for free on Microsoft Windows (through Steam). Consider taking a look at our spotlight for the game.

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