UPDATE: Heard of the Story? is back on Steam following public outcry

Heard of the Story?

The game Heard of the Story? is now back on Steam following public outcry over its removal.

Earlier this week the game Heard of the Story? was delisted from Steam due to “AI” content. The AI content in question was simply the ability to hook ChatGPT in for NPC dialogue using an API token. No generative AI content was hosted in the game.

After Valve allegedly expressed concern over the function, the developer of the game removed it and resubmitted to Steam. After one month, Steam had made the decision to suspend the Steam store page for Heard of the Story?.

The developer took their frustration to Twitter and Reddit where they received support from other gamers and developers. Today, the developer announced that Steam had reinstated the game.

Valve has adopted a strict policy on AI generated content, deciding that until the courts make a ruling on the ownership of AI generated content then games containing it cannot be sold on Steam.

Heard of the Story? is in development and will be coming to Windows PC (via Steam and now the Epic Game Store).



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