Upcoming big releases in the video game space for 2023

Big New Video Game Releases for 2023

The last few years have not welcomed the most pleasant of global events, and the opportunity to ground ourselves and relax is more valuable than ever.

Video games, which in 2023 will add significantly to the collection of online games and virtual worlds that have already been released, are suitable for this purpose. We suggest checking out https://www.britannica.com, to learn more about the history of entertainment that has begun to gather players around them. 

Many development studios have already announced the imminent launch of RPGs. No one can guarantee that the release will happen as planned, but there is no need to lose hope. Increasingly, major companies are pushing back previously announced game release dates. 

The Most Expected Video Games of 2023

Whereas gambling release dates are mostly announced, as you can see when you play at red dog online casino, the situation in the world of video games is more complicated.But there are still worthy projects whose developers didn’t change their plans and are preparing for the presentation in 2023.

Hogwarts Legacy Fans of Harry Potter and the whole magical world of London are waiting for the project most of all. The storyline is taken from the original story. Each owner of the game will be able to personally become a student of the school of witchcraft. The main character will get to the training during the growing rebellion of goblins and dark wizards. He will have to become part of the events of a global scale, and not just solve the mysteries of the castle and wander around its environs.
Dead Space The modern version of the 2008 science fiction game is ready to surpass its previous predecessor. It’s still the same horror classic, but with upgraded gameplay mechanics, new dialogue and modern graphics. Fans will appreciate the new dismemberment system, especially the special effects and improved lighting both in such scenes and in the game as a whole. In the new version, all spaceship locations are linked together. There will be no pauses or camera cut-offs when navigating between them, as before.
Skull and Bones The main character’s first task is to survive a shipwreck and his second is to become a pirate captain. The events that radically change the hero’s life unfold on the islands of the Indian Ocean. He has to constantly improve his various skills to earn the respect of the corsairs. Building a fleet, hiring a crew, plundering treasure hoards – all this is just something you have to learn to do, but after building a ship.
Dead Island 2 The first part of the video game was remembered by fans for the bloody battle that takes place in the Los Angeles area. The developers expect that the second part will not disappoint either. In addition to the pure game, there will be an edition with gold weapons and extra characters. Buying the Deluxe pack is a great way to get the in-game bonuses that make it easier to become a successful zombie.
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom The pair of main characters are brave enough to go exploring an underground cave. The space inside looks quite mysterious and intimidating, but Zelda and Link walk through it and don’t even notice the advancing tentacles of darkness. The trailer shows the daredevils see a man’s corpse in front of them at the end. The mystical atmosphere heats up, Zelda falls and a hand of light tries to hold her by the wrist. This is where the adventure only begins.

Even these games make it clear how hot 2023 will be for gamers. But if you’re not interested in any of these, check out the best online casino USA review to find a game that’s quick and fun to play.

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Dead Island 2

Fantastic Gaming Announcement for 2023

Next year will prove to all gamers that the variety of games for PC and various game consoles is off the charts:

  • Forspoken. The Japanese studio puts adventurers in the shoes of a young woman. To do so, turn on the game and transport yourself to Athia. Magic, otherworldly creatures, and well-known personalities in the world of literature await users in the game space;
  • Wild Hearts. A game with gorgeous artwork for those who love and know how to fight bloodthirsty monsters beautifully. The gameplay is designed for three players who team up to reach a common goal;
  • Like a Dragon: Ishin. The iconic Japanese game has been optimized for Europe and redesigned for many popular platforms. It won’t showcase modern Japanese culture, but it will immerse you in a time that the samurai were valued in;
  • Flintlock: Siege of Dawn. Charming Nor and her companion Enki explore an open magical world. She uses amazing abilities, sophisticated weapons and many skills to fight off evil spirits as the gods have opened the gates of the afterlife.
  • Forza Motorsport. A new generation of realistic racing with detailed physics, a wide range of designs and perfect lighting. The game will be a pleasant discovery for fans of technically advanced racing.

Dozens more video games can be put on the waiting list for 2023. For example, fans of the superhero movie Suicide Squad will definitely appreciate the new Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. It will be released in spring 2023, and it will launch on: Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC.

Favorite characters will once again gather in the same universe to complete an important mission. According to the creators, the game was a continuation of previous installments, so familiar storylines will come across. Fans of the project should pay attention to all the games of the Batman: Arkham series


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