Up to Eight Players can Brawl and Mingle Together Online in Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign

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Arc System Works have revealed a new batch of screenshots for Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign.

The new images show off the game’s various modes and online components, and you can find them both above as well as below:

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Both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 versions are cross-platform play enabled, meaning players can fight each other regardless of their platform of choice in both Ranked and Player matches.

While Ranked matches are all about your prowess and ability to climb the player leaderboards, Player matches are done via invites and are more or less for practicing with friends – or strangers.

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Here’s one of the cool features revealed in the screenshots – in Player matches, up to eight people can enter the same lobby, which means up to four matches can be going on at the same time.

Coming from this, if you manage to stomp your opponent before your friends, you can hop on over to their brawl and see how they’re doing, and even commentate on their progress. You can do this both with text chat and video/audio chat.

guilty gear xrd sign 08-07-14-5 guilty gear xrd sign 08-07-14-3

The game’s Tutorial, Challenge, Training, Mission, and even the Story mode were all teased with the images as well, although details regarding all of these secondary modes are coming later.

guilty gear xrd sign 08-07-14-1 guilty gear xrd sign 08-07-14-2

Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on December 4th in Japan and sometime this fall in North America.

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