Underworld Ascendant & Shroud of the Avatar Might Share Worlds

With the Ultima name having been used mainly for browser games or mobile phone apps by Electronic Arts, many old-time Ultima fans are looking forward to Richard “Lord British” Garriott’s upcoming Shroud of the Avatar and hoping it brings back the same gameplay Ultimas 4-7 made famous. The same can be said for the hype surrounding the recently announced Underworld Ascendant, since it too has a mighty big pair of CRPG shoes to fill.

Knowing how anticipated those games are, imagine how big of an quake they’d set off if the two games shared the same world?

Going by a recent tweet by Garriott himself, it would seem that is the developer’s overall aim with the project. Much like how Ultima Underworld fit into the mainline Ultima series’ bigger story, these two games might feed off of each other as well.

Underworld Ascendant is due to hit Kickstarter on February 4th, while Shroud of the Avatar is currently in early access on Steam and due out sometime this year.

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  1. JackDandy
    January 23, 2015 at 3:50 am

    Not excited at all for Shroud, but this is still kind of fucking awesome.