Ubisoft partners with UK police to tackle online toxicity

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Previously we reported on Ubisoft, alongside Riot Games, launching an initiative to combat “toxicity” in online games.

To continue on with their goals, Ubisoft have now also partnered with police in Northumbria, located in the United Kingdom, on improving response time for police to intervene (via BBC).

“We want to be on the right side of history,” says Damien Glorieux, senior director for their Customer Relationship Center based in Newcastle.

Through the offices there and elsewhere in the world, they work on monitoring players with issues that range from issues with payments to online harassments.

With their staff of roughly 200 people, they work with police should they decide an interaction be considered unlawful or dangerous as a means to minimize response times.

Ubisoft has reportedly stated that less than 0.01% of cases have needed police intervention.

It should be noted that despite this being a partnership with police located in the UK, their reach is not only limited to the country.

As such, there was a report of a threat to life in Norway that they were able to report to Norwegian authorities.

Going back to our previous report, it’s worth reiterating Ubisoft also has partnered with Riot Games in creating a cross-industry database in tracking online behavior.

It would not be a stretch to believe information gathered through this partnership could be used for that project, but is currently unknown at this time.


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