Two Point Hospital: Culture Shock DLC Announced, Launches October 20

Two Point Hospital

Sega and Two Point Studios have announced the Two Point Hospital: Culture Shock DLC pack.

Two Point County is in the midst of an artistic crisis, and it is your job to help spice things up. Create a hit medical drama in Plywood Studios, reach the top of the charts at the Mudbury Festival, and socialize with the biggest names in the business at the Fitzpocket Academy.

The Culture Shock DLC includes 3 new locations, 3 new cure machines, 36 new illnesses, and new gameplay mechanics. The DLC launches October 20th for Windows PC, Linux, and Mac (all via Steam) for $8.99 USD.

You can find the announcement trailer below.

You can find an abridged rundown (via Steam) below:

Two Point County is having an artistic crisis. The creative world is bereft of ideas. Culture is drying up, and nothing is left but a crusty nubbin and an uninspiring husk.

Fortunately, you’re on hand to answer the call of artist-in-residence Zara Fitzpocket, as she seeks to resuscitate the music scene, the silver screen and all artwork in between.

Face televisual shenanigans at Plywood Studios as you look to launch a hit medical drama with washed-up film star Roderick Cushion. Head to Mudbury Festival and grab lyrical headlines with musical headliners while serving burgers from questionable vans. Finally, savour the affluent aromas of high society life at Zara’s very own Fitzpocket Academy. Socialise, hobnob, and boost that VIBE darling, because if you don’t who will?

For far too long, we have overlooked a sickness in our minds, our homes and our loft-studio work spaces. What may have begun as a collective dry spell has become an all too literal illness. No single remedy, be it dramatic, melodic or medical will be enough. No, we must all work together on my biggest project yet.

With my connections and your uncanny ability to heal things, we must cure the ailing culture of Two Point County. First things firstly, I believe that we’ll be needing a shot in the arm, and who better to administer the injection than a certified healthcare wiz such as yourself?

If you’re interested – and I hope you are – your first task will take you to Plywood Studios and the silver screen! Remember, the pen is mightier than the scalpel.



The most new illnesses featured in a DLC yet!

  • 3 fabulous new locations
  • 3 new, fully animated cure machines
  • 12 new visual illnesses
  • 36 new illnesses in total
  • New gameplay
  • New music, DJ and tannoy lines

Image: Steam

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