Twitter is finally getting an edit button, first available to Twitter Blue subscribers


Social media platform Twitter is finally rolling out an edit button, but first it will only be available to a select group of individuals.

The new edit button was announced this morning – and it will only be available to Twitter Blue subscribers to start, which is only available in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

An edit button has been the most-demanded feature from users, and for years the platform relegated the demands to April Fool’s jokes, only for murmurs of the feature to come out earlier this year.

Users who have access to the new edit button will be able to edit their posted tweet(s) within 30 minutes of being posted – unlike posts on other social media platforms, which allow you to edit your posts in perpetuity. Twitter also noted you’ll be able to edit a tweet “a few times” within that 30 minute window.

Back in July, Twitter increased the subscription prices for Twitter Blue – the new edit button feature being exclusive to subscribers is likely to get them to quiet down for awhile. The platform has offered an “undo tweet” button for subscribers, giving them a 30-second window to cancel tweets they made with/in error.

However, the ongoing legal battle for ownership of the platform – and finally confirming how bad its security and spam are, could also be what prompted this long-awaited feature to finally come.

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