Twitter bots spam user refuting claim that Paper Mario’s Vivian is “trans”

Paper Mario

Twitter has once again proven it is unable to cope with its bot problem as bots spammed a post disagreeing with the claim that Paper Mario character Vivian is “transgender”.

Several individuals have been pushing the lie for years that Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door character Vivian is transgender.

Twitter users believed Vivian was transgender because there was a scene where Vivian is being insulted by one of his sisters, who calls him an “otoko” (a man) in the original Japanese script:

“Where are these ‘three sisters’? You’re a man aren’t you?”

The English equivalent of the scene instead has Beldam (Vivian’s sister and the speaker) calling him ugly:

This coupled with the Italian localization (which is not at all a correct translation), which allegedly had Vivian at some point saying he “is glad to be a woman”, had people adamantly “confirming” Vivian was transgender.

However, Vivian’s in-game card (essentially a “bestiary” that has a description for all characters/enemies) in the original Japanese version of the game explained that he was an otoko no ko (a boy that dresses/acts like a girl):

A Twitter user predictably created an agonizing 25 post thread explaining why Vivian is “transgender”, but another user was insistent on the actual evidence and claimed Vivian was male:

This clearly upset the original user, as they posted this in response, and then blocked them:

The person’s comment was then spammed mercilessly by this same image (presumably all by the same upset person):

Considering the upcoming remaster for the game changed Bowser’s dialogue of “airhead” to “lunkhead”, many are assuming more changes may be made to the game, and for the worse:

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is lauching sometime in 2024 for Nintendo Switch.

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