Alleged Twitter bots spam response to post claiming Guilty Gear’s Bridget is male

A horde of Twitter users assumed to be bots were found spamming the same messages in response to a post claiming that Guilty Gear character Bridget is a male.

Here’s the original tweet that caused the conundrum:

For those not familiar, the character Bridget caused controversy with the release of Guilty Gear Strive, as many questionable individuals were claiming that Bridget was now “female” due to his “flawless ending”.

However, many believed this was false, as Bridget’s whole backstory revolves around him being male, as his home believed male twins bring misfortune, and thus he was forced from birth to dress and act female.

Bridget made it his life’s goal to prove this superstition wrong by bringing home great wealth.

While Guilty Gear creator Daisuke Ishiwatari has since claimed that Bridget is now female, it was noted that he was forced to make an official announcement due to people impersonating the developers.

Daisuke originally wanted to leave things up to player interpretations, and the creator seemingly didn’t know what transgenderism even was until about a few years ago.

Additionally, his claiming of Bridget being female doesn’t erase the several games worth of evidence suggesting otherwise.

Other Twitter users were upset by this post, and started spamming similar messages at it. Some are assuming these users are bots due to many of the messages being the same:



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