Twitch Streamers Planning a “SlutStream” to Highlight and Combat Online Harassment

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A few popular Twitch streamers are planning a “SlutStream” tomorrow, July 30th, to raise awareness of and to combat online harassment.

The event is being hosted by streamers Kacey “Kaceytron” Kaviness and Isabelle “IzzyBear” O’Hammon, the same day as World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, and will be raising money for Freedom 4/24, a nonprofit raising awareness of sex trafficking and exploitation.

The goal of the SlutStream is to “empower women to be themselves” and to let female streamers dress in ways that “make them feel comfortable”, while raising awareness of the “constant harassment and slut shaming of women” online.

It’s worth pointing out Kaceytron is a character that Kacey gets into when streaming online, a satire of “camsluts” or the “gamer girl” stereotype of pandering to men online for more views and donations.

Kacey noted the goal of tomorrow’s streams is to “fight against stigma and harassment” while raising money for Freedom 4/24. You’ll be able to watch Kacey on her Twitch channel, and IzzyBear over on her Twitch channel.


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