Twitch is removing hosting feature because of user complaints


Twitch has announced they’re removing the host mode feature, due to ongoing user complaints.

For those unaware of the feature, host mode allows a channel to remain active online, however upon entering their stream, users would be shown a stream of a different account as chosen by the host. The new change was first reported by Twitter user Zach Bussey.

This was first introduced back in 2014 and most have used it as a means to help promote other channels when they themselves were not streaming. Though on October 3rd, Twitch has revealed this feature will now be removed.

They explained their rationale by stating that it prevented viewers from “interacting with the streamer they’re watching” and that it “limits the streamer’s growth potential” as they are unable to directly build connections with these viewers.

It’s worth noting that when hosting, those viewing it through the host are placed in a separate chat from that of the channel being hosted.

This news has led to multiple streamers voicing their disdain for this decision. Streamer Limmy says, “It’s the streamer not being live that prevents interacting with the streamer.” Another streamer named CriticalBard states, “I host when I’m currently not live so my unused channel clicks to someone that IS live for more engagement.”

This feature appears to be replaced by something called “suggested channels” in the options instead, after autohost gets removed. Coming from this, it can be assumed that streamers can still promote channels they believed to be worth watching in a much more muted fashion.


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