TRI is a Whimsical, Meditative Puzzle Adventure

Rat King Entertainment have quite a unique puzzle/exploration game on their hands with TRI. The game was launched this past Thursday across Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam, GOG.com, itch.io, IndieGameStand, and finally the Humble Store.

Featured above, you can view the game’s launch trailer, which does an equal job of both educating you on the game’s atmosphere, characters, world, and of course the puzzles – while also doing a good job of confusing the hell out of me.

The goal of TRI is to journey outside of the curious Japanese garden you start in, using the ability to create tris or tri, which you got from a very humble monk. Oh, and this monk also now expects you to “find the fox.”

The caveat with the tris or tri is that you can essentially draw a triangle at any angle, and then traverse across said triangle, also defying gravity/physics by scaling it at any angle.

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  1. artemisthemp
    October 12, 2014 at 7:19 am

    Tri looks very interesting :)