Trailer, Details for EVE: Valkyrie, the Space Dogfighting Spin-off of EVE: Online

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CCP Games have revealed more about EVE: Valkyrie, their VR-only game, at this year’s Fanfest. Valkyrie is a first-person space combat game, which places players in the cockpit of a spaceship, that’s been in development for about two years now.

Owen O’Brien, executive producer for the EVE: Online spin-off, discussed development progress in his presentation, and unveiled a trailer for a new single-player mission, which will function as a tutorial for players.

Once completed, the aftermath of that mission will be unlocked as a multiplayer map called Necropolis Graveyard. The map comes with a new game mode, in which players compete for the spoils against a rival looter: whoever inflicts the most damage gets to keep the loot for themselves, as their opponents are forced to retreat. There are capture points on the map that will boost a player’s rate of domination for as long as they control those places.

A new ship, the Spectre Heavy MK I, was also introduced for the game, that is considerably slower than the default spaceship. In order to compensate for the inferior speed, it has better defences, including a chargeable shield, and a MicroWarpdrive, which can give the Spectre Heavy a temporary boost in speed.

While the game does not have a single-player campaign, players will be able to play multiplayer offline, against AI fighters.

A limited pre-Alpha for the game will take place soon. Dust and EVE: Online players can sign up for it, provided that they have a powerful Windows PC and the DK2 of the Oculus Rift. (As an Oculus Rift launch title, EVE: Valkyrie is a timed exclusive for the Oculus on the PC, for an unspecified period.)

The game will also be coming to Sony’s Playstation 4, where it will be playable with the PS4’s virtual reality head-mounted device, the Morpheus.

EVE: Valkyrie‘s main character, Ran, will be detailed in a comic book tie-in to be published later this year by Dark Horse.

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Gameplay trailer


Ran rendered

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