2D metroidvania Touhou Luna Nights is coming to PlayStation consoles

Touhou Luna Nights

Team Ladybug’s iconic title Touhou Luna Nights is coming to PlayStation consoles soon.

The new PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 ports are set to release on January 25, 2024. Touhou Luna Nights is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

PLAYISM is proud to announce that Touhou Luna Nights, the 2D exploration-heavy action Touhou Project fan game developed by Team Ladybug and WSS playground (under Why so serious, Inc.) will become available for PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 on January 25, 2024.

We will also be working with Happinet Corporation to show a playable demo of the PlayStation®5 version at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2023!

Touhou Luna Nights is Coming to the PlayStation®!

Touhou Luna Nights has received over 10 thousand reviews on Steam, with an Overwhelmingly Positive rating.

Ever since release, both PLAYISM and Team Ladybug have received messages from players worldwide asking, “Where’s Luna Nights for PS?”

Thanks to everyone’s support, we’re now finally able to release Touhou Luna Nights for the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5!

Word from the Developer – Team Ladybug

Thank you for your continuous support for Touhou Luna Nights.

For the longest time, fans have been asking for a PlayStation® release of Touhou Luna Nights, but every time we’ve had to give the disappointing answer, “Sorry, we don’t have plans for a PS release right now.”

To everyone who’s ever asked for a PS release over the years… Thank you so much for waiting. We’re finally officially releasing a PS version of the game. You can say this game is Team Ladybug’s “origin”, and we hope that more players can enjoy this game which has a special place in our heart. Even if you’ve already played the game before, you can always give it another go on the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5!

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