Top 5 Beginner Tips – Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Beginner Tips

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is here, full of taking flowers, new transformations, challenging levels, and more!

Following the modern trend set by Super Mario Odyssey, Wonder features both straightforward levels aimed at a younger audience, and extremely difficult stages aimed at older players.

Below are our top 5 beginner tips for those who are either struggling with the game or just happen to be new to the series:

5- You don’t need to complete everything at once

Super Mario Bros. Wonder features some tough levels as early as its first world, but that doesn’t mean players have to complete them all to progress.

Players aren’t required to complete all levels in a world to progress, and carefully exploring the easier stages for Wonder Seeds is much easier than forcing yourself to clear harder content.

There’s no shame in coming back to the more difficult 4/5-star levels later on, armed with both game knowledge and power-ups unlocked later in the game.

4- Keep an eye out for hidden interactions

Super Mario Bros. Wonder feels very alive, thanks to the many interactions that the player can have with both enemies and the environment.

The game plays around with that a lot, like having elephant Mario being able to push pipes around, or being able to use the drill cap to burrow into hidden locations.

If something looks off, always make sure to investigate it. There are loads of hidden locations, level exits, and Wonder Seeds to be found, and the game always rewards curious players.

3- Badges are super important!

Super Mario Bros. Wonder introduces the badge system, which allows players to equip badges that give Mario new and unique abilities.

There are more than 20 badges in the game, and a lot of them are required for specific puzzles, but worry not, Mario has a helpful guide in this new adventure.

Prince Florian, the ruler of the Flower Kingdom is responsible for your badge management, and you can ask him for badge recommendations before starting each level.

The helpful prince is usually right on the money with his selections, giving players a helping hand in the challenges ahead.

2- Tough stages are easier with friends

Super Mario Bros. Wonder let you bring three friends along in multiplayer, both available online and in couch co-op.

Players can help out each other, as well as leave behind character standees that can resurrect players.

If you are having trouble with a really tough level, why not ask a friend or two for help? I’m sure they’ll be more than glad to lend a hand!

1- Spend those flower coins!

We know that some flower coins are really tough to collect, and that you don’t want to part ways with your hard-earned money, but they let you buy super important items!

Players can acquire badges, Wonder Seeds, and even some helpful items like one-up mushrooms by making their way to the various Poplin shops encountered around the world.

One of the most important purchases players can make is on the second world, Petal Isles, whose shop carries the “! Block” badge. This badge makes hidden blocks materialize in a lot of levels, giving access to secret areas and Wonder Seeds.

Well, there you go, those were our top 5 beginner tips for Super Mario Bros. Wonder. We hope you are having a great time with the game, and that the harder stages aren’t giving you too much trouble.

Players can find Super Mario Bros. Wonder on the Nintendo Switch. While you’re here, consider reading our review for the game (we thought it was pretty good!).



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