Tokyo’s wacky candidates didn’t affect governor race

Yuriko Koike has been re-elected as the governor of Tokyo in a wacky race with over 50 candidates, including some strange outliers who still managed to secure thousands of votes.

Koike identifies as an independent, but until 2018 she was part of the short-lived Kibo no To, a party which she had founded only a year earlier. From 2003 to 2017 she was affiliated with Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party.

Koike had opposition from other mainstream political opponents, but global attention was focused on the strange men and women running in the race. Here’s how they stacked up:

Airi Uchino used her allotted timeslot to address the public to begin stripping and asking the audience to add her on LINE (Japanese social media). She managed to beat Yuusuke Kawai who ran most of his campaign dressed as The Joker or The Mask. He ran on a platform of legalizing polygamy to address Japan’s declining birthrate.

Recently, the country has experienced issues arising from a weak Yen which has allowed a greater-than-usual amount of tourists to visit. Among them have been nuisance streamers such as Johnny Somali who was notably found guilty of “forcible obstruction of a business”.

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