Ambitious Nitroplus VN Tokyo Necro is finally coming west

Tokyo Necro

Publisher JAST USA announced Tokyo Necro is finally coming west, developer Nitroplus’ crazy ambitious 15th anniversary game.

Tokyo Necro is coming west for Windows PC. A release date wasn’t announced but JAST confirmed translation and editing work are complete, so it shouldn’t be long now.

I wrote about Tokyo Necro way back in 2014 when it was first announced to celebrate Nitroplus’ 15th anniversary (it had a sick teaser site, click the red X to view it). It was later released in 2016, and like most Nitroplus games it has sexual content.

Here’s the opening movie for the cyberpunk necromancy game to give you an idea of its production values:

Here’s a rundown on the game, via its website:

Nemo ante mortem beatus.
No one is happy until he dies.”
(Herodotus, “History”)

The age of the “Necromancer” has arrived.

The protagonists, Soun Garyuoka and Echika Kannohara, are still young, “private special living dead stalkers”. They have acquired special combat skills called “melee gunfighting,” and both are among the best in their field.

One day during a mission, Soun meets a girl after a fierce battle. She has lost all memory except for her name, Ilaria Takaragata, and is being hunted by a mysterious group of necromancers.

A frozen city of smoke, living dead, crime, and telekinesis. The battle for life and death between the living dead stalker and the heroine begins.

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