Tokyo Jungle Brings Animal Survival to Vita and Android

tokyo jungle mobile

Tokyo Jungle is a very different type of game – it’s post apocalyptic, but it’s all about survival of the fittest, the fittest animal that is. The goal is to survive over a century, meaning you have to consistently find a mate and reproduce with them to continue the game. The mobile version is already out in the West, this trailer is for the Japanese release:

The game has over 40 animals to play as, and regardless of what animal you play as you’ll have a hunger meter. The hunger meter is only replenished via eating plants (if you’re an herbivore) or other animals (if you’re a carnivore). If your hunger meter depletes, you start to lose health.

Each playing field within the game has different environmental hazards – like pollution, nighttime. If nighttime rolls in, the predators come out so you have to watch out! What animal would you want to play as? An elephant? A pomeranian?


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