Tokyo hospitalizations over incidents with “Cannabis Gummies”

Tokyo hospitalizations

Younger individuals in Tokyo had to be escorted to a hospital after feeling sick from devouring “cannabis gummies”.

An emergency call from Oshiage Station (on November 3rd) on the Tobu Skytree Line in Tokyo’s Sumida Ward claimed that there were “four men and women [that] are feeling unwell”.

All of those afflicted with this “illness” were in their twenties and none of them are currently in danger. One of them told police they had consumed “cannabis gummies” before getting onto the train.

A day later, there was another similar case at the Musashino Hara Festival in Koganei City’s Musashino Park (in Tokyo), and five people from their teens to fifties were said to be feeling ill after ingesting gummies from a man in his forties. The man who handed out the gummies told authorities “I thought they would make people feel energetic.”

Those taken to a hospital were able to leave within 2 days, and none suffered any significant injuries from the matter.

The festival’s organizing committee provided a remark, saying “”We are in the process of understanding the situation by coordinating with the police and those affected. We deeply apologize for causing concern to everyone.”

Police declared there were no connections between these two events, but are investigating the matter further due to the involvement of the supposed cannabis gummies.

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