Toilet explodes into fiery inferno in China

Toilet explodes

A toilet in a home located in China became engulfed in flames on its own, adding onto the list of weird happenings that occur in the country.

The toilet was located in Xiamen City of China’s Fujian Province, and video footage was recorded of the bowl spouting flames:

It is said that when the male home owner walked into the bathroom, the toilet suddenly erupted into flames, and he is unsure of what brought about the raging destruction.

There were all sorts of remarks on social media, and some theorized that perhaps he dropped a cigarette inside, or there’s an electrical leak in the smart toilet seat.

A Chinese media outlet alleged that such incendiary toilet explosions are apparently common across China through the entire year, and are caused by methane gas.

The outlet further advised that cleaning and inspecting both toilets and sewer pipes are key to preventing such catastrophes, on top of making sure there is good ventilation, and not smoking or burning incense within the toilet.

The Guangzhou Fire Department issued its own comment on the matter on Weibo (a Chinese social media site), saying there’s been a large number of such incidents with smart toilet seats in the past. The department suggested that people make sure their purchases are of genuine products and that there is proper leakage protection. They also recommended there be proper waterproofing measures taken when installing, and to perform frequent maintenance.

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