TiMi Studio’s Metal Slug Code: J English Gameplay Trailer

Metal Slug Code: J

SNK Corporation have released new gameplay for TiMi Studio’s Metal Slug Code: J; the first English gameplay from the beta build of the game.

We previously reported that two new Metal Slug games were in development; with one of them by Tencent subsidiary TiMi Studio. Metal Slug Code: J was announced back in June 2020 for unannounced mobile devices.

The new video for “Gameplay of TiMi Studio Group’s Metal Slug Mobile Game Authorized by SNK” omits all mention of Metal Slug Code: J- though the gameplay footage seems to be the same game. It may be that the game’s title is being reworked, or will be different in the west.

Regardless, the gameplay shows the Metal Slug 2D arcade-style gameplay taking place on some form of giant open-ended level, with multiple large bosses. The zoom in from the map of the world may also mean players will have access to multiple levels.

Players also seem to use various abilities or items to navigate the level. Being a mobile game; it may be players can buy these to make it easier to able to access different parts of the level for more loot or points. However, players may also be able to earn them through regular gameplay.

You can find the gameplay trailer below.

Metal Slug Code: J is coming soon to unannounced mobile devices.

In earlier news, TiMi Studios reportedly made $10 billion USD in 2020, which would make them the world’s largest developer. At least one of TiMi’s major upcoming games may face some difficulties however.

The news that Tencent were developing a Pokemon game was met with concern and skepticism due to Tencent’s aforementioned reputation.  When it was announced it was a free-to-start MOBA Pokemon Unite by TiMi, the reaction was poor.

This may be because fans were expecting a longer presentation, more news on Pokémon Sword and Shield’s expansions, a remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (which were later announced as Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl), or the reveal of a new game (such as the later reveal of Pokemon Legends Arceus).

Another factor is the distrust some gamers have over Chinese-developed games, especially those from Tencent; who are bound by Chinese law to provide private information to the Chinese government. Recently “according to people familiar with the matter,” Tencent are negotiating with a US national security panel to keep their investments in US companies Epic Games and Riot Games.

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