Two New Metal Slug Games in Development for Consoles and Mobile

Metal Slug

SNK Interactive, a Korean subsidiary of SNK Corporation, have announced two Metal Slug games are in development for consoles and mobile. (Thanks Gatoray!)

Korean gaming news website Inven reports that SNK Corporation are working on two Metal Slug games; one for consoles and one for mobile devices.

While a previous Metal Slug game on mobile devices was produced and developed by Tencent and Timi Studio respectively, both games are being worked on in Japan. The mobile game is roughly 80% complete, and will be a 2D side-scrolling game with card mechanics. The game could launch as early as this year.

Details on the console game are scant, other than it being of the “action shooting genre” (Translation: Google Translate). SNK Interactive CEO Jeon Se-hwan stated the company’s commitment to not just the Metal Slug series, but games as a whole.

“The metal slug games for mobiles and consoles that will be released this year are focused on helping to encompass the 1020 and 3040 generations. As we develop our own, all personnel are mobilized, and we will show you a familiar and novelty as well as faithfulness to the basics.

We will not neglect to expand and strengthen the value of our current IP with the goal of developing more than one game each year. We will continue to show new and friendly games even after a long time.”

We will keep you informed as we learn more.

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