Time and Eternity Brings the Anime Fanservice Today on PS3

Time and Eternity SS 1

In case you guys have never played an Imageepoch game, their games tend to have a lot of fanservice – or at least suggestive character designs. Toki to Towa, or Time and Eternity in English, is a gorgeous looking game. Sadly, most of what I hear about the game is that it’s definitely not the JRPG people hoped it to be.

Time and Eternity SS 2

Still, the game has some gorgeous art and it does have a lot of fanservice, just look at that image above. Yup, stuff like that is in the game. I won’t even post some of the other stuff I’ve been seeing come from the game. Since the game has such a heavily stylized art style, the devs seem to have taken several steps backwards in terms of exploration by limiting you to menus in town, meaning you have to select different houses to go to and such.

The actual story is about a princess who had her wedding destroyed by a group of assassins attacking the event, mortally wounding the knight she was bound to marry. Then she reveals she has a second soul living within her body, and that they can time travel. The game revolves around you trying to figure out how the attack happened and eventually, how to stop it.

The game launches today for $49.99, and if you wanted to see it in motion, here’s a trailer of the game:


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