Thumby is the Tiniest Gaming Handheld Yet


Tiny gaming handheld Thumby was just put up for crowdfunding via Kickstarter, presenting what is possibly the smallest gaming handheld ever made.

While the Thumby handheld was put onto Kickstarter yesterday afternoon, it shattered its funding $15,000 goal within a few hours and is currently sitting at over $200,000 in total pledges.

The producer of the extremely small handheld, TinyCircuits, is set to produce and ship out the Thumby sometime in February 2022. A crowdfunding price is set at a measly $19 to own a gaming handheld for ants, or humans with very small fingers (there was a $10 classic gray variant that was available for early bird backers).

The d-pad sized handheld (that has its own d-pad) will come pre-loaded with five games:

  • TinyBlocks – A classic puzzle game
  • Space Debris – A space shooter, similar to asteroids
  • Annelid – A snake game, collect the food to grow your annelid
  • Thumgeon– A dungeon adventure game, collect and buy weapons, battle monsters
  • Saur Run – You are a small running and jumping dinosaur, side scroller

Tech specs for the Thumby include its extremely small display, which is deceptively a higher resolution at 72×40, more than other tiny gaming handhelds released in the past like the Sega Dreamcast VMU (which was 48×32) or Sony’s PocketStation (32×32).

The CPU in the Thumby is – you guessed it, a Raspberry Pi RP2040, making it extremely easy to code and develop apps or games to run on the Thumby.

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