This Portable N64 is Pretty Sexy

A hobbyist and modder that goes by the handle Bungle has developed quite an amazing Nintendo 64 mod, featured above, and while I’ve seen many other classic game console mods, this one is pretty fantastic.

The portable Nintendo 64 that he’s built features a 3.5″ screen, an internal memory slot and Rumble Pak, an Expansion Pak, a Gamecube analog stick, and a four hour lithium battery. If you watch the video at the top, you’ll get a glimpse at the modded marvel in all of its glory.

The coolest thing about this particular mod is that Bungle is looking to make more and sell them to other fans of the system, or simply people who are just looking for a portable N64. If you’re interested in buying one in the future, head on over to the forum where he posted his work in progress, and make him an offer via a private message.


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