This Figurine of Kat from Gravity Rush is Stunning

gravity rush 05-11-14-1

Gravity Rush is a wonderfully overlooked game on the Playstation Vita, and its heroine, Kat, is definitely a unique one to say the least. She’s been appearing in lots of other games, and despite the original game still not having a confirmed sequel (only teased), we still don’t have much to go off of.

If you’re a really die hard fan of the game, however, you’ll probably be excited to know that there have been some companies that have commemorated Kat in statue form. While this isn’t the first one we’ve seen, this newly revealed figurine¬†easily takes the cake, as it’s a very stunning replica of the gravity defying heroine.

Check out some more shots of the figure below:

gravity rush 05-11-14-5 gravity rush 05-11-14-4 gravity rush 05-11-14-3 gravity rush 05-11-14-2

According to the source, the new figure of Kat will set you back a cool 9,500 yen (before tax), or roughly $93 dollars. The figure shown above is the standard version showcasing her regular outfit, her magical cat companion, and the apple that probably fell off the tree in the very beginning.

However, there’s a second version from this company:

gravity rush 05-11-14-6

The alternative, limited edition release comes with a new pose, a white colored version of her original costume, and a cone filled with soft serve ice cream that she is seemingly teasing you with in the form of a wink. I’m surprised they didn’t put a little bit of ice cream on her lips or top, just to make us fanboys cry ourselves to sleep.

Both of the Kat figurines will be releasing sometime this September – we’ll keep you updated as to where you can buy or import them.



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