The Switch is Perfect for TATE Mode and Vertical Arcade Games

The Nintendo Switch has been getting a selection of arcade-like games, some of which support “TATE” mode.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with arcade games, “TATE” is a mode that lets you tilt the game’s display to support a vertical monitor.

For a longtime fan of arcade games and most especially shoot ’em ups, having a console that is designed for literally multiple ways of physically playing is a natural fit for vertical gaming.

The first pinball game to hit the platform is Pinball FX3 (featured above), which naturally fits the screen.

The first vertical shmup to hit the platform and support TATE mode is the classic Strikers 1945, and boy is it awesome.

I know it’s a small thing and perhaps not many users will care about this feature nor will they ever use it, but it’s a godsend for old arcade grognards like me.

It’s clear this isn’t necessarily an OS level feature so much as each individual arcade game has to be customized to support TATE mode on the Switch.

If you try taking screenshots of the game in TATE mode with the built-in OS screenshot option, it reverts to its original horizontal mode. Games running in vertical orientation make the inner arcade-kid in me scream.

I mean look at this:

I’ve rotated the screenshot but it really is a sight to behold when you have the entire pinball table neatly fitted inside your Switch’s screen.

It’s perhaps a little too much visual information as sometimes it’s a bit hard to follow the ball, nonetheless, a Switch is a much cheaper investment. All we need is a gimmicky vertical-mode dock or mock up arcade cabinet to fully simulate that old ‘cade feel.

Are you a fan of TATE-enabled games? Are you also a Nintendo Switch owner? Could more TATE-enabled games coming to the platform like Danmaku Unlimited 3 (which will support it) and even Peach Ball: Senran Kagura (which will mostly likely support it) convince you to buy the console? Sound off in the comments below!

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