The Super Mario Bros. Movie sets record for box office opening for animated films

Super Mario Bros. Movie

Video game adaptations coming to the big screen having been seeing massive success and the Super Mario Bros. Movie is no exception.

In fact, it managed to rake in a whopping $377+ million (via TheNumbers) worldwide box office earnings for its first weekend, a new record for animated films.

Yes, the new record is not just among video game adaptations, but above all animated films – which are filled with a plethora of highly successful and beloved movies.

Of course its domestic sales of $204+ million top the previous record set by Sonic the Hedgehog 2 from last year.

These world wide numbers are impressive, and they don’t even include Japan, which is where the Mario franchise originates. These numbers will likely aim noticeably higher once the film releases April 28th for Japan.

Given this success, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see potential sequels based on the many other games that have released for Mario over the past decades. After all, the surprising success of the Sonic films have lead them to aim on creating a “cinematic universe” of sorts.

Meanwhile The Super Mario Bros. Movie is airing in theaters right now. In case you missed it – find our thorough and spoiler-free review on the movie here.

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