The Pokemon Company might slow down game releases to improve quality

Pokemon fans who noticed the last few games had a staggering amount of bugs and glitches might feel relieved knowing The Pokemon Company is aware of these issues.

The publisher is reportedly a potential slowing down of their “constant releases” in an attempt to improve the quality of their products.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were the last mainline title to be released last year, and many realized it was littered with horrendous bugs and glitches. Here’s some examples:

Even though the game was often times barely functional because of these glitches, the entry achieved the highest launch sales for any Nintendo game ever.

In addition, the mainline title before that one, Pokemon Sword and Shield, also had lazy texture/animation work:

The Pokemon Company’s Chief Operating Officer Takato Utsunomiya recently divulged in an interview that they are contemplating whether or not to slow down their releases to better the quality of their titles

“I think in general, if you look at the past, the path we’ve taken up until now has been this constant release, always regularly releasing products on a fairly fixed kind of a cadence, you might say,” Utsunomiya said. “Always having these products able to be introduced and new experiences for our customers, and that’s how we’ve operated up until now.”

He added, “I think we’re still operating in that way, but there’s more and more conversations, as the development environments change, about how we can continue to do this, while making sure that we’re ensuring really quality products are also being introduced.”

Seeing as how rabid Pokemon fanatics have still given such broken games record sales, it’s unlikely the developer will take quality into consideration, as fans don’t seem to care at all one way or another, and thus the extra effort would seem pointless.


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