The Netflix Berserk Movie Poster is Fake


A rumor is spreading across the internet that a 3D animated film for Berserk might be in the works by Netflix.

The rumor comes from the 3D artist Gerardo Torres, a 3D artist and the self-proclaimed “Creative Director” of the rumored Berserk movie.

While normally a quote from a Creative Director is more than good enough, no one seemed to corroborate the claims and most importantly; the artist’s Instagram post says “This is a joke”, hidden beneath a smattering of hashtags.

You can’t blame people for falling for the trick, Berserk has a devoted fanbase who are nervous to see what’s coming next to the series. Though after the last 3D animated Berserk series, some fans consider no news to be good news; a percentage of the responses to the fake movie poster were pleas from fans that it’s a joke. Luckily those fans can put their fears to bed.



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