The ghosts from Sonic: Night of the Werehog return in Halloween short

Sonic the Hedgehog Ghost Tale

The trio of ghosts from Sonic the Hedgehog: Night of the Werehog have returned thanks to an official animated short to celebrate Halloween.

The three ghosts Su, Uh, and Lah all live(?) together in a haunted house. Both Su and Uh compete with each other for the affection of Lah by scaring visitors and flexing their ghostly powers.

In the new animated short, Su and Uh try to impress Lah by telekinetically picking up objects and making them dance. Inspired by the two, Lah tries to ambitiously lift a grand piano…

You can check out the animated short below:

The original 2009 Night of the Werehog short was a promotional video for Sonic Unleashed and while it isn’t on studio Marza’s official YouTube, you can find a mirror of the full animation here.


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