The First Details and Screenshots of the Gal Gun Sequel, Gal Gun: Double Peace

gal gun double peace 2015-03-23

Alchemist have published the first screenshots for Inti Create’s Gal Gun: Double Peace, and Famitsu have revealed the first details about the shooting game. The sequel was announced at the end of February, and is being developed for the Playstation 4 and PS Vita. It will launch this summer.

Gal Gun: Double Peace happens one year after the original. An apprentice angel, Ekoro, has shot an arrow into our protagonist, Hodai Kudoki, and for that day, every girl gets hot and bothered when he’s around. This turn of events does have a downside: once the arrow’s divine properties wear off, Kudoki will never again be able to attract a girlfriend. This means players must find his soul mate, an old friend of Kudoki’s, before sunset. However, things will not go smoothly: as he tracks her down, Kudoki runs into sisters Shinobu and Maya, as they are chasing the troublesome Kurona.


There will be over 70 women in the game, including the heroines, other students, school teachers, and more. Here are just four of the characters players will meet in the game:

  • Shinobu Kamizono (voiced by Emi Uema):

Shinobu is one of a close childhood friend of Kudoki, who’s quite prideful. People see her as a prudent girl, but she’s not at all. She likes to exercise, but lags in her studies, and she is very easily excitable. She cares for her younger sister Maya, towards whom she feels rather maternal.

  • Maya Kamizono (Chinami Hashimoto)

Maya is Shinobu’s sister, and has also known Kudoki since childhood. Maya is a nice, laid back girl, and has a much calmer personality than her sister. Thanks to Hodai, her interests include superheroes and mecha. She’s an excellent student, but not a very extroverted or active person. She’s new to the school, so she still wears the uniform from her previous school.

  • Kurona (Aya Fujita)

Kurona is a third-year student at the Demon Middle School who is confident and boisterous, who feels rather defensive about these traits of hers. She has disdain for angels. She’s a poor student, and loves to cause trouble for the people around her. She wields a trident/pitchfork.

  • Ekoro (Yui Horie)

In contrast, Ekoro is a third-year at the Angel Middle School, and an affiliate of Heaven’s Military Research Association. She fared poorly at her graduation exam, but nevertheless thinks of herself as the cream of the crop. A wholesome girl at heart, she’s involved herself with poorly behaved upperclassmen, and is regarded as a problem child as a result. She wields dual pistols.

Girls’ behaviour

The sequel sees the lovestruck girls’ behavior intensify, as they attempt to seduce Kudoki and have him abandon his true love. Some will force love letters on him, others will hug him and try to steal a kiss, while Possessed Girls, those under the control of demons, will be especially aggressive with their displays of affection, stepping on Kudoki and rubbing their foot in his face, for example.


Pheromone Shots make a return, better than ever. Players will now be able to use X-Ray Zoom to peer through physical obstacles in order to see the girls hidden behind them. Shots can now be charged by holding the shooting button, which will be helpful in encounters involving multiple girls. Charged shots will stagger any girl they hit, giving player a chance to incapacitate them.

Each level ends with an action scene involving the heroines, which will progress the storyline. Naturally, these sections will be lascivious. As an example, we can see Shinobu below in need of saving from the demon tentacles that hold her captive.

gal gun double peace 2015-03-23 21

This time around, the touch panel is supported during Heartthrob mode. Hearthrob mode is a special gameplay section during which players can view girls from various angles, thereby causing them to “ascend”.

Heartthrob mode is triggered by maxing out the Heart Gauge. When a prompt appears, players can tap a girl on-screen to enter the mode, and will be able to engage up to three girls in the sequel. “Staring” at different parts of their bodies by tapping on the touch panel will raise the girls’ Heartthrob level, and if players reach the maximum level before time runs out, the girls will “ascend”. Their “ascension” can be amplified with a new Double Peace Ascension.

There will be other new gameplay elements in the sequel, but those details will come later.

gal gun double peace 2015-03-23 22

More screenshots

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