The Escapist fires Editor-in-Chief Nick Calandra prompting further resignations

The Escapist

Gaming news website The Escapist fired their editor-in-chief Nick Calandra, a move which prompted further resignations from website staff in solidarity.

According to Calandra, he was let go for “not achieving goals”. The Escapist was acquired by Australia-based Gamurs Group last year.

After Calandra’s termination, other workers from The Escapist announced their own resignations, including Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw who created the video series Zero Punctuation. Despite being the creator, according to Croshaw he doesn’t own the rights to the name or series itself which likely remain with the website.

One former The Escapist employee J-M8 of Design Delve had this to say:

I have resigned from my position at The Escapist/Gamurs in response to the treatment of my collogues. I love this team and will stand by them. I personally own the license to Design Delve and it WILL be continuing! Where is the question.. i guess we’ll find out. Love you guys <3


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