Character action roguelike The Awakener: Forgotten Oath launches in October

The Awakener: Forgotten Oath

Third-person hack-and-slash roguelike The Awakener: Forgotten Oath has just revealed its release date, as well as a demo.

The Awakener: Forgotten Oath is set to release October 18, 2023, on Microsoft Windows (through Steam). The game’s demo can be played right now, but is only available for a limited time of 7 days.

You can view the announcement and trailer below:

Publisher Gamera Games and developers Taner Game announced today during the Gamera Games Now Tokyo Game Show 2023 Special Program that the fantasy 3D action-roguelike The Awakener: Forgotten Oath will release on Steam on October 18th. Additionally, a demo is now available on Steam for a limited time of 7 days!

The Awakener: Forgotten Oath offers a high degree of freedom as an action-roguelike game. Players take on the role of The Awakener, chosen by the 12 gods of Sereid, to experience an exhilarating third-person combat experience. In this chaotic world, how to deal with each battle is entirely up to the player. The game offers players various characters and combat styles; different combinations of action modules provide a completely unique combat experience.

In the game, players can use holy relics, equipment, and items to strengthen themselves. Through continuous combat and the cycle of death, players can improve themselves outside the game with the ultimate goal of defeating the servants of chaos and preventing the resurrection of the Demon Lord

If you’re interested in 3D action and roguelike games, we strongly recommend that you try out the demo version of The Awakener: Forgotten Oath on Steam right away!


  • Endless possibilities of exploration and growth using god-powered relics, artefacts from past heroes and a diverse cast of characters to recruit to your side
  • Wield a wide variety of weaponry ranging from swords to magic spells
  • Experience a highly flexible combat system; death and reincarnation are integrated as a game mechanic
  • Free available demo for a limited time
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