That Heavenly Sword Movie is Finally Being Made

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Many video games get the movie treatment, the question is which ones are finally put into full production and see the light of day. Coming from this, the handful that have made it to theaters (or dare I say it, straight to home use) are typically not that great.

Heavenly Sword was a Playstation 3 launch game, a brand new IP by Ninja Theory. It showed a lot of promise, and it was in my opinion a great game in its own right, despite its flaws. However, Sony’s Playstation 3 was having serious issues at the time (price, deluded messaging, etc), so the game was generally overlooked by many.

Now, the game is getting the movie treatment and thankfully they’re not going full live action. In lieu of adapting the game to a live action set, the movie will be purely CG and voiced by a few talented actors, namely Anna Torv (Fringe) and Alfred Molina (Chocolat). The movie is supposedly very close to the plot of the original game, only with one major deviation:

In the game you never get to see te true ‘chosen one,’ because he was never born. In the movie, they’re adding him into the plot, giving Nariko the quest of returning the Heavenly Sword to him. This helps move the story along in the second act, and it puts more pressure on Nariko when stuff goes wrong.

You can watch a trailer for the movie below:

The movie is set to launch in Spring of next year.

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