Terminator: Resistance Dev Censored the Sex Scenes Because of Sony and Microsoft

While the new Terminator: Resistance game is the first legit video game in the Terminator franchise, the developers of the game have included sex scenes to complete the homage to the original Terminator movie(s). We’ve learned the scenes have been seemingly censored.

The news comes via the game’s Steam forums, where users have been digging through source files to see how many potential endings there are. The protagonist is able to romance one of two women, culminating in a sex scene. Users discovered the scenes were censored.

The game appears to have two versions of the sex scenes: the censored version which appears in the shipped game, as well as an uncensored version. The uncensored version offers a wider view of the first-person sex, where the women’s breasts can be seen.

Upon discovering the seemingly cut content, a fan went to Twitter to ask Teyon why a violent shooter, which is rated M by the ESRB, had to cut nude female breasts. It seems the game console platform holders are to blame.

Teyon responded in a now-deleted Tweet with “We were forced by Sony and Microsoft ;)”

Terminator: Resistance is now available for Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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