Tenth-gen Xbox confirmed in development at Microsoft

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As it takes years to design a console well before it’s official launch or even public announcement, it’s no surprise that many believe that successors for Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch are in the works.

In the case of Xbox, it’s been essentially confirmed by Microsoft themselves that they are working on a follow-up for their Xbox Series lineup of consoles.

With the FTC’s lawsuit focused on Microsoft’s attempted acquisition of Activision Blizzard, information has come to light about the company’s future plans with their next-gen console.

The details for the new console came via the counsel compelling them to release documentation about their upcoming project (via Game Rant).

The motion signed by the counsel from March 14th asks for the redacted “next generation gaming ecosystem” for Xbox. While the codename is known to the regulatory body, it is still not public.

However, it is assumed to be somewhere along the lines of “project X” with “X” being an unknown word in the same vein as previous codenames for future Xbox consoles. Previous codenames included Project Durango for Xbox One and Project Scarlett for Xbox Series X|S.

While it is still a ways away from release, the Xbox Series consoles are only heading into their third year of sale. However, now it can be confirmed that Microsoft are already working on what will be the next Xbox.



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