Insiders claim Nintendo is planning a follow-up to Switch


The Nintendo Switch originally released in 2017, finding great success despite the inferior hardware when compared to other 8th generation consoles.

The Switch was originally released so Nintendo could recover from their financial loss due to the Wii U’s poor sales.

Nintendo is known for making multiple versions of their consoles, like the Nintendo 3DS, who had at least six different models and way too many special versions.

Nintendo already released different versions for the hybrid console in 2019 and 2021, with the Switch Lite and OLED versions, respectively.

Despite their minor changes, those different revisions of the console don’t feel exceptionally different, with the OLED version especially being a letdown for people who expected a real upgrade to the Switch.

Japanese news site Nikkei claims that console sales are stagnating after hitting a plateau growth, which may lead Nintendo to take action.

The publication claims to have insider information on the company’s plans to release a successor to the console, though this isn’t the first rumor of a successor console.

It is said that Nintendo may already be negotiating with hardware suppliers, which lines up with earlier rumors of a new chip made by Nvidia.

Nintendo fans can only speculate if the new console will be a new revision of the Switch or a brand new product.

Currently, nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo, but the timing would be right when considering the gap between console generations.



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