Team Fortress 2 drops to ‘mostly negative’ reviews as fans demand aimbot answers

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 has been one of the staples of Valve’s lineup ever since it released in 2007, in the years since (almost 20!) it’s consistently been one of the most played games on Steam. However fans are finally fed up with the ageing games bot problem.

Team Fortress 2 (or TF2) has been Valve’s testing ground for features like microtransaction and even its player market (which now spans all of Steam) where players can sell or trade in-game cosmetics amongst themselves. People used to (and maybe even still do) watch the price of “earbuds” and “refined metal” like a Wall Street broker. Due to the game’s age, popularity, and relative lack of support from Valve, the game has become rife with aimbotters, exploiters, and even scammers, all feeding into the vicious ecosystem that is TF2 in 2024.

Fans are finally fed up, while Valve did release a big patch last year, there’s been virtually no indication the bot problem is being addressed outside of a tweet from 2022.

After the successful fan campaign to remove the PSN requirement from Helldivers 2, fans are emboldened to “review bomb” to make their voices heard. In this case, Team Fortress 2 has received almost 15,000 negative reviews in the past two days (at the time of writing).

TF2 Reviews

Team Fortress 2 is available for Microsoft Windows, and can be downloaded for free on Steam.

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