Sony walks back Helldivers 2 PSN requirement

Helldivers 2

Sony has announced that they will no longer be proceeding with their plans to require a PSN (PlayStation Network) account to continue playing Helldivers 2 on PC.

For the past week, fans have been responding to news that Helldivers 2 would be requiring PC players to link a PSN account to their Steam account in order to continue playing the game. This had originally been intended at the game’s launch, but due to its unprecedented popularity, it put too much strain on the servers. Thus, the requirement was paused which led to many players growing accustomed to not needing a PSN account.

Fans have been critical of Sony’s requirement due to the company’s past data breaches, as well as the company’s overzealous approach to community moderation and content censorship. As a result of the earlier announcement, Helldivers 2 quickly dropped to “Overwhelmingly Negative” recent reviews, and “Mixed” overall reviews on Steam.

Most of the blame for this debacle lies with Sony, and the CEO of Arrowhead had been responsive and sympathetic to fans throughout most of the backlash.

Helldivers II is available now for Windows PC (via Steam) and PlayStation 5.

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