Taro Yoko Wants to Make More NieR and Drakengard Sequels, Maybe Even Adult Video

Taro Yoko is an iconic Japanese developer known to pretty much speak his mind regarding his own games or well.. pretty much anything. He’s even said he’ll do “anything for money,” including a remastered Drakengard collection. Now, the masked creator is saying once again that he’ll do another Drakengard sequel, and perhaps something more scandalous.

A new interview with Yoko has surfaced (via Famitsu) from the SEA Summit which goes down in Singapore, earlier this month.

When asked if he’d make a movie based on a game, he said that while he’s thought about it – it’ll require money, so he’d like to find someone with the cash to greenlight it. When asked for a new Drakengard title, he pointed to Square Enix producer Yusuke Saito, saying if he gives the money for the project he’ll make it whenever.

Yoko was naturally asked for the next NieR game, to which he joked saying he’d think about the sequel everyone wants, and then make something that is not that game. He said he keeps thinking he’s going to ruin it.

Famitsu noted Yoko’s work in video games, books, and even stage plays – to which they asked what kind of media he’d like to work on next. His answer probably won’t surprise you as he said he’d like to make an adult video, or the Japanese way of referring to pornography. He said it’s something he’d like to make at least once in his life.

Lastly, Yoko was asked whether or not he or his team looked into marketing for different target demographics, to which he recalled the original NieR having two deliberate versions: one with a more effeminate protagonist for Japan and one with a more macho protagonist for the west.

He said he was told “macho is more liked” in western countries, especially America, yet the game didn’t sell well at all. Fans told him they like macho characters, but not in Square Enix games. The game sold ok in Japan so they designed NieR: Automata with the goal of it at least selling in Japan. He also admitted he didn’t study foreign markets at all, so when the game turned out to be a big hit worldwide, they had no idea how it sold that well.

NieR: Automata is now available for PC and PlayStation 4. In case you missed it, you can find our thorough written and video review for NieR: Automata here (we highly recommend it!).



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