Taro Yoko: We’ll Make a Drakengard Remastered Collection if Square Enix Funds It

Now that NieR: Automata is out now for PlayStation 4 worldwide (and with a PC release coming on March 17th), series creator and game director Taro Yoko has been talking up the game and its overall universe, which also includes its progenitor, the Drakengard series.

During a Q&A panel at this year’s PAX East (which Square Enix also broadcasted live via Facebook video) Yoko answered a bunch of questions, with lots of his responses chalking up to “If you give me the funds, I’ll do anything for money.”

Taro was asked if a Drakengard remastered collection would happen on PlayStation 4. Yoko noted that for them to do a collection, they’ll naturally require more funds and simply asked fans to let Square Enix know you want a remastered collection for Drakengard. Coming from this, he said if Square Enix backs it, they’ll do it. Previously, game producer Yusuke Saito said that if NieR: Automata “sells like hotcakes,” a remaster for the original NieR is highly possible.

When asked if he wanted to work on other projects or games with Square, Yoko responded: “Everyone knows Square Enix for their beautiful graphics, so if we combine my shitty scenarios to that formula I’m sure we can come up with some garbage that will exceed everyone’s imaginations.”

Taro also said that NieR: Automata protagonist 2B’s design wasn’t meant to be very sexy at first, however when he received the original designs he told the 3D modelers to make her butt as perfect as they possibly could, otherwise they’d be fired. So naturally they went above and beyond making a wonderful buttocks.

Other interesting responses for NieR: Automata included the lack of a photo mode, which Yoko said is currently not planned – but they could add it later if they have the funding. He also said to not expect substantial DLC like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, as their game doesn’t have the staff or funding to meet those kinds of expectations. Yoko also noted the game lacks autosave because save points are a hallmark staple in JRPGs, and he wanted to keep that.

Expect our thorough written and video review for NieR: Automata in the coming days. In case you missed it, you can find our unboxing video for the swanky “Black Box Edition” for NieR: Automata here.

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